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Keep track of the cows affecting your bulk tank somatic cell count (BTSCC); ensure you have current information to proactively reduce your bulk tank count.

Cows can fluctuate in somatic cell counts (SCC)  (viral, bacterial, environmental and seasonal variables, etc.) which can render a monthly report obsolete in a matter of days. 

The SCC Impact Report is designed to complement monthly herd testing and generate up-to-date reports as often as you need them. These reports are kept current by automatically merging day-to-day SCC readings from the Dairy Health Check app.

The reports generated will use the data to show what percentage an individual cow is contributing to the herd SCC average.

It will also indicate where the SCC average will fall should an individual cow,  or cumulative cows, be removed.

Stop Guessing—Pull the Right Cow from Production 

Obtain premiums and avoid penalties by updating the data frequently and producing up-to-date reports giving you the ability to make decisions about dumping or shipping individual cows milk.

The SCC Impact Report gives you the ability to monitor the impact of individual cows throughout the month, so when a cow spikes, you can take immediate action.

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Choose to Input Your Latest Lab Report

Each month the latest lab report can be loaded into the module by dictation or manually.   If you do not use a monthly test service the data can be collected independently.

Each SCC Impact Report is generated by entering the following data:

  • The lab report date
  • Bulk tank average SCC
  • Cow tag number
  • Production in lbs or kgs (options available in Report Options)
  • SCC on the date of test

Monitor Your Full Herd or Only Your Top 20 Cows

Once your data is updated, the report selection page allows you to produce a Full Report containing your entire herd or a Top 20 Cow report focusing on the highest 20 cows causing the greatest impacting the overall bulk tank average.

Throughout the month you can choose to continue to monitor and update only the top 20 cows, or the entire herd.

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