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Organic Dairy Producers

Prevent high SCC counts and treat sick cows early

Treat high SCC on Organic Dairy FarmsAround the world, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits organic dairy milk and products provide.

But organic dairy producers face three major challenges as they strive to meet the demand:

  1. The global organic dairy market is highly fragmented. There are numerous small- to large-sized organic milk vendors, and new entrants to the market are on the rise.

  2. Organic market competition will intensify. Various market research firms estimate the compound annual growth rate of the global organic dairy products market will grow between 9% and 12% by 2017. As the market’s size expands, so too will competition.

  3. Keeping herds healthy without using antibiotics is daunting. Though government regulations vary between global jurisdictions, all organic dairy farmers can agree: they have to contend with a unique set of issues due to the strict rules governing organic dairy farming and the challenges associated with keeping herds healthy using only alternative medicines and organic diets.

In order for organic dairy farmers to remain competitive, they need to ensure their cows are healthy, the milk they’re producing is of premium quality, and when cows get sick, they know immediately and have tools to help identify the pathogen that’s causing a high somatic cell count (SCC) reading.

With the Dairy Quality herd health devices, and your iPod® touch or iPhone®, you can get the competitive edge you need to keep your herd healthy and milk production at a high volume.

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