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  • New Medical Treatment Tracking App Included in Dairy Health Check

    New Medical Treatment Tracking App Included in Dairy Health Check

    Our Dairy Health Check offers new medical data aggregation app, Treatment Tracker, to track and record all dairy farm medication information.

    The Treatment Tracker app allows dairy farmers to monitor their entire herd medical treatment program by recording a cow’s medication history to generate milk clear and cow culling dates, automatic reminder alerts and detailed reports. It also allows dairy farmers to record hoof trimming events in the individual cow records.

    “Treatment Tracker gives farmers the tools they need to keep detailed records of medical histories and keep track of when it’s safe to return treated cows back to production by generating reminder alerts and populating their Apple calendar. Treatment tracker’s detailed reports can be used when making future treatment and culling decisions,” says Chris Gans, VP of Sales and CMO.

    Treatment Tracker is pre-loaded with many over-the-counter and veterinary prescribed cattle medications. Once a treatment method is selected, Treatment Tracker estimates the default milk clear and safe culling dates, and instantly adds these dates to the calendar. All the default information can be changed based on regional regulations, and additional treatments can be added as well.

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