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How It Works

Instant, accurate somatic cell count test results

You know treating a sick cow, or replacing it, can be expensive and time-consuming.

And successfully preventing high somatic cell counts in your herd hinges entirely on early detection and treatment.

What if you had the power to reduce your SCC from 300,000 to 150,000 without relying on lab tests?

Successfully preventing mastitis in a herd hinges entirely on early detection and treatment.

Get SCC analysis and an image of cells in test samples in seconds, and you'll have the control to make quick decisions about your cow's health and its impact on your bulk tank more frequently.

Within days, your milk yield could, potentially, increase by 238 kg per cow—100 cows = $16,700 additional annual revenue.

Our technology will:

  • Test cow’s milk on the spot and get instant SCC results
  • Improve milk quality and production
  • Protect premiums, and lower penalties
  • Identify potential pathogens in individual cows
  • Effectively track trends in tests of bulk storage tanks
  • Reduce the spread of mastitis throughout your herd, lower culling rates, and decrease sick cow treatment costs
  • Maintain more accurate information on your herd by sharing data in real-time via email or by electronic interface with your existing herd management software

Know Exactly What You're Dealing With

Dairy Quality devices provide instant and accurate SCC readings, and display an image of the actual milk sample showing the presence of somatic cells. Viewable in seconds, the difference between a ‘good’ milk sample and a ‘problem’ milk sample is obvious.

Get SCC analysis and an image of cells in test samples in seconds, and you'll have the control to make quick decisions about your cow's health and its impact on your bulk tank more frequently.

Using Dairy Quality’s technology is easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Collect a milk sample with the propodium iodide reagent slide,
  2. Insert your milk sample slide into the device and depress the plunger to mix the milk with the reagent to break down the cell membranes and add fluorescence,
  3. Take an image of the sample using the iPod/iPhone camera lens, the light source and our precision microscope,
  4. Initiate the countdown to push the milk through the slide and spread it thin so the light source can enhance the flourescent somatic cells,
  5. Wait as the app uses the camera to capture the sample image and run the algorithm to count the cell and provide lab-accurate SCC results,
  6. View the results on your screen once the process is complete,
  7. Choose to save this information to your cow file for future reference, or discard the results and run another test.

It’s the cutting-edge Dairy Health Check app that makes all of this possible.

Unlike other devices which use techniques similar to those of in-line flow cytometers or other methods, our system derives the SCC by actually counting the cells. Our unique, patented microscope and light technology, and complex programming, make it happen. With a Dairy Quality device and slides, the mobile app, and your iPod Touch or iPhone, determining the quality of your milk and the health of your herd has never been easier or more efficient.

Identifying the Cause of High SCC Readings

When troubleshooting a herd with an SCC problem or energy imbalance, you need to quickly determine what is causing stubbornly high readings, and how to remedy the situation quickly to avert significant financial loss.

By observing the behavior of cells in your collected samples, a Dairy Quality device can help identify the possible cause of high SCC readings by segregating and highlighting which pathogens are most prominent in a test sample. This gives you the information you need to evaluate and treat sick cows.

Save time and money, and protect your herd.

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