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  • Free SCC ROI Calculator App Now Available

    Free SCC ROI Calculator App Now Available

    Download Dairy Quality's free milk production loss estimation app, SCC ROI Calculator, to track and record all dairy farm SCC cost information.

    The SCC ROI Calculator app allows you to monitor your entire dairy farm losses from high somatic cell counts (SCC). 

    Dairy Quality Inc.’s SCC ROI Calculator is a simple and invaluable tool to help you calculate your current high SCC costs, as well as visualize your savings by lowering your SCC.

    All your SCC cost estimations are calculated easily. You only need to enter your Herd Size, Production per Cow, Milk Price, and Treatment and Culling costs, and the app does the rest.

    Once entered, the SCC ROI Calculator presents your losses (from high SCC) to milk production and income, your overall treatment costs, value of milk withheld during cow treatment and losses from culling sick cows.

    It also gives your projected return on investment (ROI) using our Dairy Health Check device to test your milk instantly and manage your high SCC levels.

    As your SCC level changes, you can enter your updated information to track your costs on an ongoing basis.

    Use this quick, simple, and informative app to calculate your SCC costs regularly and email a pdf copy for your records.

    Download Your Free SCC ROI App Now!
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    Currencies supported: United States Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR)

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