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Instant affordable cow-side SCC detection testing for the family farm

Milk with a high somatic cell count from individual cows in smaller herds has a greater impact on the bulk tank milk quality than in larger herds, making early SCC detection and isolation a very high priority for the family dairy farmer.

In order to maximize productivity, achieve milk quality premiums and avoid penalties, it’s critical to quickly and accurately identify any source of mastitis, isolate it and immediately begin treatment. This requires the right tools – at a cost that the smaller family dairy farmer can afford.

The Dairy Quality Dairy Health Check solution delivers the cow-side SCC testing and instant specific test results to enable the family dairy farmer to ensure herd health and maximize revenue - with a highly attractive return-on-investment.  To help quantify what the investment ROI could look like for you, Dairy Quality provides a convenient ROI Calculator.

Dairy Quality – helping dairy farmers put more money in their pockets by taking control of their milk quality!

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