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Early Herd Detection for High SCC


Treat sick cows immediately on your small or medium-sized farm

Conventional or regular dairy farmers running small to medium-sized farms face unique challenges from their organic and commercial farm counterparts.

The health of each cow in your herd can have a dramatic impact on your bulk tank somatic cell count (SCC). In an increasingly competitive conventional dairy market, it’s critical to identify the source of subclinical mastitis quickly and accurately and treat sick cows immediately. Doing so is highly dependent on having the right tools and technology at your fingertips.

With the Dairy Quality microscope devices and the SCC Check installed on your iPod touch or iPhone, you can keep your farm competitive, your herd healthy, and be cost-effective.

Our industry-leading somatic cell count testing devices give modern-day conventional dairy farmers the insights they need to be proactive about the health of their herds., and in turn, peace of mind.

And, with that power comes peace of mind.

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