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Dairy Health Check

What is the Dairy Health Check?

Dairy Health Check is an all-in-one mobile device for milk testing, and recording herd health information. Keep all of your cows' individual data and records all in one place, so you can track trends and make real-time updates on the ground—when and where you need it most. 

premiers-award-logoUsing the latest advances in mobile microscopy combined with our innovative somatic cell count and ketosis testing slides, and data aggregation tools, you have the power to make decisions about your herd health and breeding—right in the palm of your hand.

How Does it Help?

  • Get instant results when testing the milk of individual cows or bulk storage tanks.
  • Receive an indication of the possible pathogen. (Consult your veterinarian for confirmation of pathogen.)
  • Store images, results and records automatically for future reference.
  • Easily aggregate all of your SCC data to show the impact one cow has on your bulk tank average.
  • Identify clinical and subclinical ketosis.
  • Email results to your veterinarian, or upload your data to your existing farm management application.
  • Keep real-time, detailed records of breeding events in your cow file and generate veterinary testing, calving, and dry off dates.

Make decisions about your herd health – instantly.



SCC Check

Our flagship product gives you milk SCC testing results in less than 30 seconds with instant on-screen images of your analysed sample. You can test individual cows, or your bulk tank.

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SCC Impact Reports

SCC Impact Reports allow you to compile data from the cows with the highest SCC, or your entire herd, to determine which cows have the most impact on bulk tank somatic cell count averages.

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Ketosis Check

The newest milk testing app, Ketosis Check, gives you the information you need to detect subclinical or clinical ketosis so you can balance your cows' energy levels before it starts to affect milk yields. 

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Preg Tracker

In the Preg Tracker, you can monitor your dairy herd breeding program and manually record pregnancy test results to generate next heat, calving, and dry-off dates with automatic reminder alerts. 

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Treatment Tracker

Plus, the new Treatment Tracker allows you to enter and save of all of your herd medications and treatment dates—with automated alerts—so you can identify the cows that need to be removed from production are given proper attention and undergo appropriate observation while ensuring they're not returned to production too early.  

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Dairy Quality Big Kit

1. Draw a milk sample with a testing slide to mix the sample with compounds to fluoresce the cells.
2. Use the device imaging technology to identify the brightly fluoresced cells against the background.
3. Capture an image of the cells with the iPod touch camera to apply the algorithm and threshold to count the cells. 
4. Display an image of the results on the iPod touch within seconds. 
5. Save the data to your individual cow file.

• Microscope device with optically enhanced lens
• iPod® touch 6th Gen
• SCC Check with Possible Pathogen Indicator
• Ketosis Check
• SCC Impact Reports
• Preg Tracker
• Data Collector
• Data Cloud
• 48 testing slides
• Two-image processing
• Access to shareable aggregate results
• Multi-language support