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  • Dairy Quality Inc. Releases SCC ROI Calculator App to Google Play

    Dairy Quality Inc. Releases SCC ROI Calculator App to Google Play

    Mobile milk testing device creator develops its first free app, for Android phones.

    Dairy Quality Inc., the creator of the award-winning Dairy Health Check milk somatic cell count testing device, today announced the release of the free SCC ROI Calculator on Google Play to help dairy farmers monitor their current somatic cell count (SCC) costs.

    The SCC ROI Calculator app is a simple and invaluable tool to help dairy farmers calculate their current high SCC costs, as well as visualize their savings by lowering their SCC.

    “SCC ROI Calculator allows dairy farmers to see the actual cost of a high somatic cell count in their herd. Based on existing research, we compiled various calculations and determined which ones might be most important for evaluating actual productivity losses. Users only need to enter the herd size, average production, milk price, and treatment and culling costs,” says Chris Gans, VP of Sales and CMO.

    Once entered, the SCC ROI Calculator presents all losses (from high SCC) to milk production and income, overall treatment costs, value of milk withheld during cow treatment and losses from culling sick cows.

    SCC ROI Calculator also gives the projected return on investment (ROI) using the company’s Dairy Health Check device to test milk instantly and manage high SCC levels. As a herd’s SCC level changes, dairy farmers can enter updated information to track costs on an ongoing basis.

    “This is only the first app we will be creating for Android customers. Since the development of our first milk testing app, many customers have inquired about creating milk testing and data aggregation apps for Android phones. If the SCC ROI Calculator is widely received, we’ll consider adding other apps in the future,” says Gary Jonas, President of Dairy Quality Inc.

    To download SCC ROI Calculator at Google Play, visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mpengo.sccroicalc&hl=en.

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