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Commercial Dairy Farm SCC TestingReal-time herd health and SCC test data - instant and online!

In today's competitive commercial dairy farm market, accurate real-time herd health and SCC test data are essential tools of the trade.

Commercial dairy farm success is dependent on consistently high milk production levels with timely and readily available herd health information, ensuring top milk quality and optimizing financial performance.

Regardless of your milking schedule, ensure that you don’t lose milk quality premiums, incur penalties or experience reduced productivity due to high somatic cell counts. Invest in the right tools to detect high SCC, with instant test results, right at the individual cow wherever that cow may be in the lactation and breeding cycle.  Easily upload the data into your herd management software to optimize herd health, treatment and overall herd performance management. 

The Dairy Quality Dairy Health Check solution is fast, flexible and convenient - with an ROI that will make both the farm production and finance managers happy.  To help quantify what the investment ROI could look like for you, Dairy Quality provides a convenient ROI Calculator.

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