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Stay informed about your herd's breeding history to ensure a successful breeding program. 

Breeding Tracker is designed to track all aspects of your herd's breeding program by keeping your calendar up-to-date with important individual cow pregnancy milestones, so you have all your breeding and calving information in one place. 

Breeding Tracker works with many early pregnancy test kits available today, such as:

  • Early detection strip test
  • ELISA lab test
  • Veterinary pregnancy check

And, all breeding information is saved to an individual cow file which generates the following important dates—with automatic reminder alerts:

  • 1st check date
  • Estimated calving date
  • Estimated next heat date
  • Dry off date suggestion

The Breeding Tracker is your mobile solution for keeping detailed breeding histories for your entire herd. 

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How Does it Work?

You select an existing cow—by tag number or name—or enter a new cow into your herd file and select a new breeding date.

Based on the breeding date information, the tracker will direct you to the Sire Information section where you can enter the bull's name, registration number, batch number and any comments, such as method of breeding, as desired. 

Once this information is updated, you're ready to tap the Start Tracking tab and begin the pregnancy tracking. 

Based on the breeding date you've entered, the tracker will generate the earliest test date possible—based on the type of pregnancy test you will use—and save the date in the alert function, as well as the calendar.

Confirming a Pregnancy

Once a  test is performed, you can enter the test results in the Preg Test by selecting Yes or No and the module will display the next tests to be performed at the bottom of the screen.

Once a cow is confirmed pregnant all important dates will be saved to her file and your calendar.

Today's Alerts

The tracker's automatic alerts are designed as text and calendar reminders to let you focus on the cow's most important gestational dates, without worry. 

Each alert includes the cow's name and tag number and what action is required. On any given day, you can view all cows or select individual cows as desired.

All of Your Breeding Dates are Automatically Saved in the Calendar

When a breeding date is created for a cow the module will sync all important dates to your calendar.  Including:

  • Preg test dates - These are dates required to perform early pregnancy test kits, 28-day post-breeding ELISA tests and the 40-day post-breeding veterinarian preg checks.
  • Next heat date - Should a breeding be unsuccessful the module will generate an estimated next heat date for the cow.
  • Dry-off date - In the event that the cow is confirmed pregnant, a suggested dry off date is created.
  • Calving date estimate - Based on the breeding date, an estimated date of calving will also be saved to your calendar.
  • Should a breeding be declared failure, preg test, dry off and calving dates are removed from the calendar—leaving the next heat estimate only.
  • In the event that a pregnancy is lost, you can uncheck a preg verification in the breeding info for an individual cow.

Breeding Reports

Breeding Tracker allows you to create a breeding report including the entire herd or an individual cow. The report is a detailed history of the number of breedings, pregnancies and failures of each cow, as well as calving dates and dry-off dates. 

Breeding reports can be printed or emailed directly from the app when connected to wi-fi.

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