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Instant, accurate, mobile SCC and ketosis testing for conventional, organic, and commercial dairy farmers

To know the SCC health of the milk in your bulk tank, or the energy levels of your cows after calving,  you need a dependable mobile herd health device to protect your herd, and you need it quickly!

In order to consistently produce the largest volume of high-quality milk efficiently, conventional, organic, and commercial dairy farmers need to ensure their herd's health is at its peak level.

A herd with high SCCs will lead to poor milk quality and sick cows with clinical mastitis. And, cows with subclinical or clinical ketosis will also produce less milk over time. 

Get the power of instant SCC and ketosis cow-side testing in your milking parlor or shed, at cattle auctions, and in the field using your iPod Touch or iPhone with Dairy Quality’s innovative Dairy Health Check and Quick SCC apps and microscope devices.

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Take Control of Your Mastitis and SCC

Subclinical mastitis is one of the most detrimental diseases for dairy farmers, and you can reduce the risk
and make your herd less susceptible with the right information and practices.

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