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Hand-held milk testing device helps reduce number of mastitis treatments

Published on 31 May 2017

With test results in the palm of his hand, Chris Mustard now has the ability to more accurately treat mastitis. Mustard farms with his brother, Craig, and their father, Grant, on a 70-cow farm near Uxbridge, Ontario.

For the past two years, he has been working with Dairy Quality Inc. on a trial basis for its Dairy Health Check system.

Illness detected using hand held testing device

With the computer list in hand, he goes out to the barn to collect milk samples from the cows. The robot reports will dictate which quarter is high, but many times Mustard will collect milk from each quarter into small sample bottles similar to those used by DHI.

With a dropper, he transfers the milk into a sample slide, which is then inserted in a small device attached to an iPod. Using the iPod camera, the app will get an image of the sample and analyze it.

It also compares test results to a possible pathogen database, and Mustard is provided with SCC and the potential pathogen causing the problem. (Writer's note: the Mustard farm is utilizing a 'beta' version of the Dairy Health Check app now in development stage)

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Progressive Dairyman
Karen Lee, Editor

Premier Celebrates the Contributions of Farmers and Producers

Top Agri-Food Innovators Recognized at Annual Summit

Office of the Premier

Government-of-Ontario-LogoPremier Kathleen Wynne announced the winners of the 10th annual Premier's Awards for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence today -- Ontario's highest honour for outstanding contributions in innovation to the agri-food sector.

The Premier was joined by Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, to present the awards at the 12th Premier's Agri-Food Summit, an annual meeting with industry leaders from across the province.

Dairy Quality Inc., based in Newmarket, was honoured with the Premier's Award for a mobile testing device it developed that helps dairy farmers get information about the health of a cow in just seconds. In use around the world, the device gives farmers better control of the health of their herd and helps ensure top-quality milk for consumers.

Big Dairy Enters the Era of Big Data

A Canadian company, Dairy Quality, unveiled a new product called RT10, a small black box that slides onto the back of an iPhone®. A farmer inserts a plastic slide containing a milk sample from one of his cows, and the device counts the number of somatic cells (a high somatic cell count can be an indicator of mastitis, an infection of the udder tissue).

Counting somatic cells used to require sending milk to an offsite lab and waiting a week or more for results; using a microscope and an app, Dairy Quality can analyze a sample on location in six seconds or less.

downloadBy Sam Grobart
Published in Bloomberg Businessweek, Technology

Instant feedback and immediate access to test results are key: a sick cow can be removed from production right away, instead of waiting to find out if one needs help. And the timing for the introduction of the new technology couldn’t be better, the company reports.

New health standards for milk from North American farms, almost twice as stringent as previous in some regions, have recently been put into place.

wyt_logo_300px-e1437700085621– iPhone Leads the Herd with New Dairy App
By Lee Rickwood for Whats Your Tech.ca

SCC monitoring is important because high numbers of somatic cells indicate the presence of pathogens and toxins. Infection can lead to tissue damage in a cow’s udder, as well as a decline in milk production. Dairy SCC allows farmers to detect even minor elevations in SCC when they’re at the sub-clinical level.

“When infections are detected early, cows can be treated faster. Since the data is instantly available on an iPhone or iPod, it can be emailed to a vet right away,” says Chris Gans, Vice President Sales and Chief Marketing Officer. “The farmer and the vet can come up with a treatment strategy together, addressing problems before they get worse.”


– Canadian mobile device offers instant dairy cow health check
By Lisa McLean for AgInnovation Ontario