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Instant Specific Cow-Side SCC Test Results

Treating or replacing a sick cow is expensive and time-consuming.

What if you had the power to instantly obtain specific SCC results without waiting for off-site lab test results?

Successfully preventing mastitis in a herd hinges entirely on early detection and treatment.  Get SCC analysis and an image of cells in test samples in seconds, and you'll have the control at any time to make quick decisions about your cow's health and its impact on your bulk tank.

Within days, you could be on track to recovering annual milk production losses of up to 7%, equivalent to $110 USD per cow (studies by Dairy Farmers of Ontario and University of Wisconsin):

  • e.g. 100 milking cows @ $110 USD = $11,000/yr. - more money in your pocket!

Organic Dairy Farm SCC Testing Case Study

The Dairy Quality Solution Will:

  • Test individual cow’s milk on the spot and provide instant SCC results
  • Enable you to improve milk quality and production
  • Protect premiums and minimize penalties
  • Effectively track milk quality  trends in bulk tank testing
  • Reduce the spread of mastitis throughout your herd, lower culling rates and decrease sick cow treatment costs
  • Maintain more accurate information on your herd by sharing data in real-time with your existing herd management software

Know Exactly What You're Dealing With

Dairy Quality solutions instantly provide specific SCC readings, and display an image of the actual milk sample showing the presence of somatic cells. Viewable in seconds, the difference between a ‘good’ milk sample and a ‘problem’ milk sample is obvious.

Identifying the Specific Source of High SCC Readings

When troubleshooting a herd with mastitis-related issues, you need to quickly identify cows with high SCC readings, enabling you to determine to remedy the situation quickly and avert significant financial loss.

Save time and money, and protect the health of your herd.

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Dairy Quality Big Kit

1. Draw a milk sample with a testing slide to mix the sample with compounds to fluoresce the cells.
2. Use the device imaging technology to identify the brightly fluoresced cells against the background.
3. Capture an image of the cells with the iPod Touch camera to apply the algorithm and threshold to count the cells.
4. Display an image of the results on the iPod Touch within seconds.
5. Save the data to your individual cow file.

• Microscope device with optically enhanced lens
• iPod® Touch 6th Gen
• SCC Check
• SCC Impact Reports
• Breeding Tracker
• Treatment Tracker
• Data Collector
• Data Cloud
• 36 testing slides
• Two-image processing
• Access to shareable aggregate results
• Multi-language support