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  • Free Pregnancy Event Tracking App Now Available

    Free Pregnancy Event Tracking App Now Available

    Download Dairy Quality's free data aggregation app, Preg Tracker, to track and record all dairy farm breeding program information.

    The Preg Tracker app allows you to monitor your entire dairy farm breeding program by recording a cow’s pregnancy test results to generate event dates, automatic reminder alerts and detailed reports.

    Preg Tracker gives you the tools you need to keep a detailed record of breeding attempts and successful breedings by generating reports on individual cows or the entire herd. Preg Tracker’s detailed reports can be used when making future breeding decisions.

    Preg Tracker has been developed to work with many early bovine pregnancy test kits and once a breeding date is confirmed, Preg Tracker generates a pregnancy test date, next heat date, dry-off date and estimated calving date and instantly adds the dates to a local Apple calendar. This process also generates and schedules automated alerts each time an action in your pregnancy program is required.

    Preg Tracker will help you collect and record all the information that pertains to your breeding program, from sire information to calving confirmations, in one place. It also syncs with our Dairy Health Check app so you can utilize our breeding event tracking features on multiple devices and have access to the most up-to-date records across your entire farm.



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