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  • Featured Dairy App Video: Dairy Quality

    Featured Dairy App Video: Dairy Quality

    Published on 21 January 2014

    This article was #18 of the Top 25 most well-read articles on www.progressivedairy.com in 2014. The article that describes the app was published in the Jan. 1, 2014 print issue, and the video was featured in the Jan. 27, 2014 Extra e-newsletter.

    This popular article featured the Milk Quality app, developed by Dairy Quality Inc. The app works with a device that reads milk samples. John Tremelin, a dairy producer from Ontario, was able to use the app to find suspect animals and be able to tag the milk and keep it out of the tank.

    We asked the company,
    Q. What’s new with the app?

    Our instant somatic cell counts made quite an impact in the industry. More and more farmers are using the RT-10 device with their iPhones, and we’re thrilled by the interest. We have added devices compatible with the iPhone 6 and even added one for the iPod Touch to reduce the cost of the overall system (in some cases up to half!). And questions about what else we can build for the dairyman keep coming.

    Our research and development group has been working hard, looking at further pathogen analysis and the Dairy SCC app itself. In 2015, you can expect a new device and a new release of the app that are the result of our research. We will be making a product announcement with more details early next year.

    —Joel Drutz, Dairy Quality

    Watch the Video below: 

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