• Don’t Miss Our September Quick SCC Promo

    Don’t Miss Our September Quick SCC Promo

    During the month of September, buy a Quick SCC online and receive 36 slides and shipping for free.

    Our newest product, Quick SCC, uses our precision microscope and the latest iPod® touch technology to provide accurate SCC analysis of your milk testing samples.

    The Quick SCC offers:

    • Milk testing in less than 30 seconds
    • Instant, on-screen SCC results
    • Individual cow test data & history

    It’s time to take control of your herd health.

    Get in-the-moment information and the capacity to track trends by storing your data in the cloud, directly from the Quick SCC. You also have the opportunity to share your results anonymously and contribute to a global project studying the factors affecting SCC in milk.


    This Quick SCC promotion includes: 

    • The Quick SCC microscope device
    • iPod® Touch 6th Gen preloaded with the Quick SCC app
    • Connection to Data Cloud
    • Shareable aggregation of SCC results
    • Instruction manual and warranty card
    • 36 Slides
    • Free Shipping

    Don't Wait! Offer Ends Septemeber 30th, 2016.

    Buy Now
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