• Dairy SCC  5.1 Now Available!

    Dairy SCC 5.1 Now Available!

    Bulk Tank SCC Impact Reports

    Introducing the newest addition to the Dairy SCC app, Impact Reports. This simple report easily aggregates all of your herd data to show you the impact one cow has on your bulk tank SCC results.

    When you’re trying to reach the next premium—or avoid future penalties—use this report to ensure your SCC levels are where you need them to be.

    Simply input your herd SCC and production data, and the report generates a list of cows that have the highest impact on your bulk tank average. You can run the full herd list, or just report the top (highest) 20 cows, and instantly make a decision about which cows to exclude from the tank.

    And, the best part is, you can test your cows and run the report anytime you want.

    Find out more by visiting our Dairy SCC App in the iTunes Store.

    Remember to backup your data before upgrading to Dairy SCC version 5.1. Use the sync feature (Special Tools > Sync) to create a data file that can be emailed to your computer for safe keeping.

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