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Quick SCC

What did it cost you to pull a cow out of production while you waited for SCC test results?

And what did you pay to get the results?

Get your cow's somatic cell count (SCC), or your bulk tank average, results in seconds with the Quick SCC.

The Quick SCC gives you your in-the-moment SCC count information, so you can make decisions about your sick cows instantly. 

Take a milk sample and test it anywhere on your farm. 

You also have the ability to track trends by storing your test results, individual cow information and herd data in the cloud, direct from the Quick SCC. From this cloud, you can access your data 24/7, and have the opportunity to share your results anonymously to contribute to a global project studying the factors affecting SCC in milk.

The Quick SCC app also readily interfaces with popular herd management software. 

SCC Impact Reports

With SCC Impact Reports, you can aggregate your SCC data – via lab reports, or your individual cow tests – to determine the impact one sick cow has on your bulk tank without the expense and time it takes to send samples off to the lab.

Avoid penalties or reach your next premium instantly with the Quick SCC.

The Quick SCC includes:

  • The Quick SCC microscope device
  • The Quick SCC app
  • (NEW)SCC Impact Reports
  • iPod® touch 6th Gen preloaded with the Quick SCC app
  • Connection to the data cloud and shareable aggregation of SCC results
  • Multi-language support—English, French, Spanish
  • Instruction manual and warranty card

Test somatic cell counts on the ground, when and where you need to, so you can respond quickly.

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