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Dairy Health Check

How Would an Immediate Improvement in Milk Production Impact Your Business?

Cow-side milk quality testing with instant specific results will not only save you time, it will save you money. Dairy Quality’s milk quality solutions give you complete control over your somatic cell count testing, instantly identifying problems and putting money right back into your pocket. 


Combining the latest advances in mobile microscopy, somatic cell count testing slides, innovative SCC analysis software, cloud-based data aggregation tools and comprehensive reports, you have the power to make instant decisions about your herd health, SCC treatment and breeding — right in the palm of your hand.

How Does it Help?

  • Get instant results when testing the milk of individual cows or bulk storage tanks.
  • Stores images and test results, and automatically records them for reporting and future reference.
  • Aggregates all of your SCC data to show the impact one sick cow has on your bulk tank average.
  • Can instantly provide test results to your veterinarian and upload data to your existing farm management application.
  • Maintains real-time detailed records of breeding events in your cow file, including veterinary testing, calving, and dry off dates.

Make decisions about your herd health – instantly.

Organic Dairy Farm SCC Testing Case Study

Solution Overview

Bacteria Determination [DHC]

SCC Check

The core Dairy Quality solution generates milk quality SCC testing results in less than 30 seconds with instant on-screen images of your analysed milk sample. You can test individual cows right at cow-side, or your bulk tank for herd aggregate results.

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Reports [DHC]

SCC Impact Reports

SCC Impact Reports enable you to automatically compile and view data from individual cows or your entire herd, identifying which cows are negatively impacting your bulk tank somatic cell count averages and costing you money.

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SCC Analysis [DHC]

Treatment Tracker

The Treatment Tracker app allows you to enter and save of all of your herd medications and treatment dates—with automated alerts—so you can identify the cows that need to be removed from production, given timely treatment and monitored to ensure they're not returned to production too early.

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Mom & Calf [DHC]

Breeding Tracker

The Breeding Tracker monitors your dairy herd breeding program and manually records pregnancy test results to generate next heat, calving, and dry-off dates with automatic reminder alerts. 

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