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  • Dairy Quality Inc. is Selected as the Top 2016 Premier’s Award Winner

    Dairy Quality Inc. is Selected as the Top 2016 Premier’s Award Winner

    Dairy Quality Inc. is honoured to win the province of Ontario’s top agricultural innovation award for its mobile, microscopy, milk testing technology and dairy herd health devices.

    Dairy Quality Inc., the creator of the award-winning RT10 milk testing devices for the iPod®, today announced the company has won the 2016 Premier’s Award for Agri-Innovation Excellence.

    Dairy Quality Inc.’s powerful devices use the latest advances in mobile microscopy combined with Dairy Quality’s somatic cell count (SCC) and the SCC testing apps, giving dairy farmers the information they need to reduce negative impacts on their herd health and milk production.

    “We are truly honoured to be selected as the Premier’s Award winner,” says Gary Jonas, President of Dairy Quality Inc. He adds, “For more than four years, we’ve made this technology our priority by building a strong Research and Development team, creating farmer partner focus groups, partnering with Universities across North America, and testing the devices on dairy farms and in other initiatives worldwide. This award will allow us to invest even more so we can continue to develop additional lab-accurate herd health tests in the future.”

    Recent testing at the University of Guelph revealed the accuracy of the SCC testing app on the Dairy Health Check to be within 97 percent correlation with most international dairy SCC laboratory testing.

    “We are proud to have built an Ontario-based company that is creating a positive impact for dairy producers in our province, as well as in our country and internationally.  The Ontario agri-food sector is an innovative, vibrant and dynamic community and all of us at Dairy Quality Inc. are doing our best to continue to keep Ontario at the forefront of innovation globally,” says Chris Gans, Chief Marketing Officer at Dairy Quality Inc.

    Dairy Quality Inc.’s award-winning devices are available for sale direct or through Dairy Quality’s dealer network. For more information call 1-855-232-4797.

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