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  • Dairy Quality Inc. Helps The Nyangombe Project

    Dairy Quality Inc. Helps The Nyangombe Project

    The Nyangombe Project, one of the projects of Project HOPE in Africa, helps the vulnerable in rural Zambia. Along with delivering critical care, the project runs a training school which includes education in farming and dairy.

    Dairy Quality Inc. donated an RT10, and it’s now being used by students and local farmers.

    Gordon McKillop of The Nyangombe Project writes about the benefits of the RT10:

    "We have really benefitted from using the RT10 and have so far been able to isolate cattle from our milking animals with high SCC count until the mastitis was cleared up. (both were clearly identified as streptococcus)   One animal we have not been able to clear and we are presently trying it with longer term ‘in teat’ antibiotics.

    Another dairy farmer was here last week and was very impressed by the simplicity of the Somatic Cell identifier unit.

    I have [done] 15 tests so far during June and part of July. This is our calving time now and on two occasions we have been able to begin early treatment following a test on cows with their first calves before the infection became serious and possibly chronic later.

    The beauty of the RT10 is that we are able to isolate infected cattle until we get them cleared which is quite amazing especially when there are no visible external indications of infection."

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