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Read first-hand what farmers think of SCC testing devices

At Dairy Quality, helping conventional and organic dairy farmers succeed isn’t just a hollow pledge; it’s our mission and our raison d'être. It defines our purpose and directs us as we continuously strive to improve our technology so dairy farmers worldwide increase milk production, identify sick cows quickly, and keep their herds healthy.


We're proud to be a part of their success stories. 



The Dairy Quality SCC tester is a great tool. I use it on a regular basis to get cell counts. In about five minutes, you can have the results; no more waiting for three days. It is money well-spent.

Tom Rapes,Tri R Farms, New Era, Michigan, USA

The Dairy Quality Health Check cell counter is a useful cow management tool for my farm. To be able to get immediate cell count information on my sick cows is useful to determine when to return her milk to the tank. Some of my treated cows have high counts for two weeks after antibiotic withholding has passed. I also check fresh cows at about two weeks fresh if they were elevated last lactation. The DHI information is somewhat old when I receive it, this counter gives me accurate numbers in a matter of minutes, so I can make management decisions for that cow. I also use the counter on the bulk tank as well. We snap test each load before pickup so I run the cell as well that way if I have a problem I know about it much earlier than when I get that sample back in 4-6 days. This counter is definitely worth purchasing if you have any cell count issues or would like to lower yours. I now put more time and effort into my quality decision making and have found many of my problem cows have other problems as well such as breeding issues and perhaps get culled a little quicker. The numbers the counter gives me are very close to the numbers I get from the plant so I have accurate information to make decisions.

Rhonda Ware, Owner
Rhonda Ware, Owner,
Triple R Dairy Farm Crewe, VA

We want to send a strong pronouncement for how thankful we are for Dairy Quality's service. In the course of using one of their products and because we are attempting to use the product slightly outside of its intended target usage, we developed a series of complicated questions. The questions even led us into thinking for a time that our personal product may have been slightly faulty. Over the course of more than a months worth of time, I exchanged emails and phone calls with Dairy Quality trying to get answers to my questions and determine the effectiveness of the product. At every point, Dairy Quality operated in a Grace, kindness and service that is rare in our day. I don't know if I've worked with another company in the last 5 years that had even half the service and consideration that Dairy Quality had. They went above and beyond to answer questions. I also, at one point, even mailed our product back to them to check it for effectiveness. Due to the fact that we are dependent weekly on the product, they were very expedient in testing the product and even mailing a new one back to us so that we could continue our operations. Though the situation got acute at times, Dairy Quality always weathered the conflict with care and grace. They never showed a sign of frustration, accusation or any such thing. Which, given the nature of our challenge, I was expecting. My hats off to them and I HIGHLY recommend working through this company for any of their products. If you are one that may need customer support, you will find it par excellence with Dairy Quality! Thanks Dairy Quality. We are looking forward to more business with you in the future!

Chris, Brazos Valley Cheese