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  • Congratulations to Aaron Joel Blanchard!

    Congratulations to Aaron Joel Blanchard!

    Aaron, a herdsman from Pennsylvania, has won our June Quick SCC contest.  

    He will receive the Quick SCC device, an iPod pre-loaded with the Quick SCC app, and 36 Dairy Quality SCC testing slides. 

    The new Quick SCC device gives the same accurate testing as our flagship RT10, and comes with a new app that connects to the cloud so you can store and aggregate your data, sharing it as needed to improve production. You can even choose to share your data anonymously, making you part of Big Data through a global project established to learn more about the factors that affect SCC in milk.

    At Dairy Quality, we understand the importance of getting the somatic cell count information you need, so that you can protect your herd and the quality of the milk in your bulk tank. Beyond that instant information, you can further protect your farm by monitoring the results over time to assess trends so that you can proactively prevent future problems.

    If you missed the contest deadline in June, you'll have another opportunity in July. Enter for a chance to win your own Quick SCC device!

    Be sure to visit our website on July 4th for contest details!

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