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Our roots are technology but our passion is dairy herd health and your profitability

Dairy Quality Inc. has successfully leveraged decades of technology skills and innovation to drive our passion – helping dairy farmers make more money by taking control of their milk quality, with specific cow-side SCC testing that delivers instant SCC test results.

Our cutting-edge mobile Dairy Health Check solutions help dairy farmers put more money in their pocket by detecting high somatic cell count issues right at the individual cow, enabling them to immediately isolate milk from problem cows and take corrective action. The result? Higher productivity, reduced milk price penalties and higher milk quality premiums.

The Dairy Health Check iPod-based turnkey solution is convenient and easy to use, with a short term investment ROI that will delight both the production and finance champions on every farm.

Our Story

cowFounded in 2011 in Queensville, Ontario by an electronics engineer, an accountant, and a former dairy farmer and engineer, the company quickly established itself as a leader in milk quality solutions that combine innovative software, mobile microscopy and optics and accepted practices in biochemistry.

Since then, Dairy Quality Inc. has become the global leader providing forward–thinking conventional and organic dairy farmers with mobile cow-side milk quality solutions that deliver instant somatic cell count (SCC) test results for all types of milk.

The Dairy Health Check solution provides dairy farmers with instant convenient milk quality control that delivers immediate financial benefits.

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